Abismo de pasión: a remake of Cañaveral de Pasiones

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"Abismo de pasión"' ("Abyss of Passion") is a Mexican telenovela of executive producer by Angelli Nesma Medina and written by Caridad Bravo Adams, a remake of Cañaveral de Pasiones produced in 1996. Angelique Boyer and David Zepeda with (Mark Tacher) are the main stars of the protagonists. Blanca Guerra, Altair Jarabo, Sabine Moussier and Francisco Gattorno are the main stars of the antagonists. (Alejandro Camacho) as the main star of the prime actor. Canal de las Estrellas is currently airing Abismo de pasion since January 23, 2012, replacing Dos Hogares 250 episodes are planned to be produced.

In years ago in (La Ermita), Yucatan, Mexico, Augusto Castañón and Estefania Bouvier de Castañón (Alejandro Camacho) and (Ludwika Paleta) are the parents of young Elisa (Brigette Bozzo). Alfonsina de Arango (Blanca Guerra) is a respectable woman, suspects that her husband, Rosendo (Cesar Evora), is having an affair with Estefania. In reality, Rosendo's affair is with Estefania's sister, Carmina Bouvier (Sabine Moussier). Alfonsina was finding out and alerts to Augusto.

In meanwhile at stormy/rainy night, Carmina and Rosendo plan to leave together. However, Estefania discovers this and tries to stop them. She locks Carmina in her room at home and goes to the place Rosendo is waiting for Carmina. She finds him in his car and tries to convince Rosendo to stay with his family. When this fails, Rosendo begins to drive her back, however his car was overturn by a pick-up truck and they are both killed in a car accident. This further convinces everyone else that they were lovers planning to leave. To save herself, Carmina lets everyone else believe it so. Carmina takes advantage of this and makes Augusto believe that his wife was unfaithful.

Eventually, Carmina was marries to her late sister's husband Augusto out of spite and despite not loving her. A bitter Alfonsina is now an widow, she decides to send young Damian (Robin Vega) away to study at the boarding school in Italy, so he won't be near young Elisa who is his close friend and does everything she can to tarnish the Castanon's name. Carmina was an accidently fall of in the pool with no water and crush her stomatch by Elisa. Carmina was traumatized in the hospital. In the result, Carmina was lost the baby.

In ten years later, Damian Arango (David Zepeda) and best friends Elisa Castañón Bouvier (Angelique Boyer), Gael (Mark Tacher), (Damian and Kenia's halfbrother (Esmeralda Pimentel) and Paloma Gonzalez (Livia Brito) was returns as an adult. Damian was return to Merida, Yucatan, Mexico and he was engaged to Florencia Landuchi (Altair Jarabo) whom he just met while studying in a boarding school in Italy. Augusto's daughter, Elisa, has grown into a lovely woman, but she has a bad reputation thanks to Alfonsina. They fall in love; however, they are resisted by the feud between their families, as well as by other love interests likes Gael and Florencia. Paolo (Sergio Mayer), Florencia's uncle, is captivated by Elisa's beauty, but she ignores him. He attempts to rape her and Damian saves her. Elisa and Damian fall in love. Gael loves Elisa since they were kids and Damian becomes his rivalry friends.

Augusto finds out about the relationship between Damian and Elisa, was haunted by the ghosts was betrayal of Rosendo and Estefania, she was threatened to kill Damian. Elisa was desperated and she determined to do anything to protect the man, she loves to agrees to marry with Gael, knowing the great pain this will cause her best friend Paloma, granddaughter of Ramona "La Bruja" (Raquel Olmedo) who is in love with him.

When Gael and Elisa are at the altar about to be married, Damian was taking to Elisa. Gael finds them and fights with Damian. To avoid a tragedy, Padre Guadalupe "Lupe" (Rene Casados) reveals that the two boys are half brothers, sons of Rosendo. It is discovered that it was Carmina and not Estefania who was running away with Rosendo. Ultimately, Carmina's lies are exposed, through an eyewitness, the town witch Ramona and the plane tickets showing she and Rosendo were plotting to escape.

In a fight with her husband Augusto she shot him with his shotgun. One stormy night, she finds her lover Gabino (Salvador Zerboni), who is evading justice for his own bad deeds. They decide to escape together. This time, Ramona intervenes and causes their pick-up truck to roll over, in a scene very similar to the accident years before. They survive: Gabino tries to escape on foot, but is caught; Carmina was trapped under the overturned pick-up truck. In the hospital, Carmina was realized, her lost both legs and finally, Carmina was commits suicide.

Therefore, Augusto agrees to his daughter's and Damian marriage. Elisa and Damian are finally married. In this land's sins are not forgiven and the past is not forgotten, sink into the abyss of passion.

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