La Que No Podía Amar Cast and Characters

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La Que No Podía Amar Cast and Characters

La que no podia amar is the third version of Delia Fiallo's original radio novela, La Mujer Que No Podia Amar. The first version was Monte Calvario, starring Edith González and Arturo Peniche. The second version was Te Sigo Amando starring Claudia Ramirez and Luis José Santander. La Que No Podía Amar Cast and Characters

Ana Paula Carmona played by Ana Brenda Contreras
Brave, cheerful and of strong character. She loves her brother Miguel and adores her Aunt Rosaura, who has cared for them since they were young and their mother died. She works hard at her job as a nurse to support her brother and aunt and help get them ahead. She believes in true love and she finds it when she meets Gustavo.

The esmas site did not have anything listed for Miguel, so I did google search so I could include a picture and actor name, but I will not conjecture about his character. Here's a link to an article (in Spanish) about his return to TV.

Miguel Carmona Flores played by Osvaldo Benavides

Rogelio Montero played by Jorge Salinas
Handsome, manly, intelligent and short-tempered. He suffered a terrible accident that changed his life which hardened his temperament even more. He falls selfishly and passionately in love with Ana Paula and tries to keep her at his side at all costs.

Gustavo Durán played by José Ron
An attractive, romantic and talented engineer in hydraulics. He works to conserve water. He is of noble heart and knows how to sacrifice for love and to hold back for the woman he loves. From the moment he sees Ana Paula he recognizes her as the love of his life.

Cinthia Montero Báez played by Susana González
Attractive, sure of her charms, sensual and capricious. She feels like she is wasting her life in the hacienda her brother Rogelio is forcing her to live in. She falls in love with Gustavo who changes her and makes her look at life differently.

Bruno Rey played by Julián Gil
Bruno is seductive and manipulative. An excellent lawyer who uses his talent for negative things. He is calculating and uses people for his benefit. He hates Rogelio as much as he fears him and loves Ana Paula as much as he wants to use her to become a millionaire by swindling Rogelio.

Rosaura Flores Nava played by Ana Bertha Espín
She's cunning, a blackmailer, a liar and very ambitious...capable of even betraying her own niece. She now feels she needs to do something to secure her future since, as she tells her niece and nephew, she will soon become and old, sick woman.

Daniela Gutiérrez played by Ingrid Martz
Best friend and confidante of Ana Paula. She sincerely loves Miguel and it hurts her that he's so immature and doesn't appreciate her.

Vanesa Galván played by Mar Contreras
Beautiful and similar in appearance to Ana Paula. She abandons Rogelio when she finds out about the condition he's left in after the accident. Capricious, arrogant, haughty and superficial she does unjust*  things to get what's hers. *Translation note: the site uses the word "indebidas" which can also mean illegal...we will have to wait and see!

María Gomez played by Ana Martín
A humble, caring, maternal woman and excellent cook who has lived in Hacienca Del Fuerte since she was a girl. There she knew the father of Rogelio and Cinthia and cared for the children as if she were their second mother. As soon as Ana Paula arrives at the hacienda, María becomes her protector.

Efraín Ríos played by Fabián Robles
Poor, tough and very sensual. He's the foreman of Hacienda Del Fuerte. He has a passionate relationship with Cinthia although he knows it won't go very far or lead to anything lasting. He's the right hand man of Rogelio. He's  womanizer who plays with Consuelo's affections.

Ingeniero David Romo played by Jorge Aravena
Civil engineer by trade, he manages his father's construction business. David does everything to win Cinthia but when he discovers she loves another he doesn't give up and finds a way to get even.

Hugo Dueñas played by Uriel del Toro
A worker that Rogelio assigns to take him around, help him dress and other duties. He's always liked Maripaz and doesn't like to get involved in problems because he is discreet. He obeys Rogelio in everything.

Fermín Peña played by Ignacio López Tarso
A simple, kind and wise older gentleman. An expert fisherman who takes Gustavo with him to fish and helps Ana Paula when she arrives in the small pueblo. He advises both Gustavo and Ana Paula.

Federico Galván played by Humberto Elizondo
Successful businessman and owner of the most important meat-packing plant in the southeast. He is serious and formal, but as a youth he fell in love with another woman and left without knowing she was pregnant. For Federico what matters most is his daughter Vanesa and finding his other daughter that he had with Mariana...the love of his life.

Mercedes Durán played by Anaís
The chief of nurses in the hospital in Tuxtla who takes her work seriously.  She adores her brother and wants him to marry a good woman. She's caring, conservative, hard-working and discreet. She has a great relationship with a spinal specialist (Ernesto) since when they were younger, they were novios. Nevertheless, though they have re encountered each other, he is now married.

Consuelo Herrera played by Michelle Ramaglia
A sweet, simple young lady that works at Hacienda Del Fuerte helping her godmother María with kitchen and house duties. Because of love she makes mistakes and her dignity will be trampled.

Maripaz Hernández played by Tania Lizardo
Maripaz isn't sure what she wants to do with her life. She's not much for studies and since she finished high school, she's dedicated herself to helping her parents in their business. As soon as she meets Miguel she falls in love with him.

Margarito played by Bernardo Flores
An orphan abandoned and the Hacienda Del Fuerte. He dreams of finding his parents. He comes to love Ana Paula who protects him, takes care of him and educates him.

Elsa de Galván played by Elizabeth Dupeyron
Federico's wife and Vanesa's mother. She spends her life reproaching her husband for falling in love with another woman, for which she has never forgiven him.

Ulises Hernández played by Germán Gutiérrez
The town shop-keeper. He lives in constant conflict with his wife, who wants to leave the pueblo. Ulises sees no future for them anywhere else.

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